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Bears Ears and Grand-Staircase Escalante Represent The Spaces We Must Support

We believe that the protection of our outdoor spaces is of paramount importance.

Bears Ears Monument

Dyrt Gear exists to celebrate and support outdoor spaces. 

Whatever you think of the recent proclamation to reduce the size of land protected under the 1906 Antiquities act (we're against it), the fact is we are all responsible for the protection of the wonderful outdoor spaces of this country.  Home to thousands of Native American archaeological sites, Bears Ears National Monument is considered deeply sacred to many tribes.  This article written by the CEO of Patagonia is worth a read ( Also, just look at it!

By Murray Foubister -, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Though Bears Ears and Grand-Staircase Escalante are in the news now, and if you're so inclined to do so there are resources to try to do something about them, its equally important to keep in mind that these aren't the only spaces that need our support.  There is a real reason that we donate a portion of our proceeds to the National Park Foundation (  For 50 years they have been doing the good work to upkeep the parks and establish programs that get us outdoors.  If you want to support outdoor spaces like we do so future generations can enjoy them like we do, you can't do much better than a donation NPF.  

Write letters, donate money, be an activist.  However you choose to show your support, we all thank you.  If you want to let everyone else know too, you can always wear one of our exclusive national parks shirts.

And yes, Bears Ears National Monument really is named for resembling a pair of bear's ears.

Actual Bears Ears



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